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KALIMERO F1 Hybrid Mini Cucumber


Mini cucumber KALIMERO F1 has a nice and shiny colour, very uniform, without stripes, almost smooth and without a neck. Kalimero F1 grows very quickly and it is necessary to pick the fruits daily to have a continuation of the desired grade of fruit.

Mini cucumber KALIMERO F1 can be grown on the ground without support. For best quality it is better to grow this cucumber on wires or along a vertical net. This improves yields and production which will compensate for the extra costs. Kalimero F1 is to be harvested when fruits are 4 to 5 inches. When desired, the quality of fruits is still perfect at maximum harvest of 6 inches. Because of the fast plant development it is vital that plants are never short of water or feeding, especially during the first weeks after planting.

Mini cucumber Kalimero F1 tolerates rather high temperatures, but preferably not above 30 degrees Celsius, provided a high relative humidity in the house. In case of too low temperatures, the plant produces a abundance of flowers and little fruits, resulting in too many fruits to mature properly. Always remove imperfect fruits when very small.

Planting distance is 35 cm, about 4 weeks after sowing. Only perfect plants must be planted with a soil temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. When growing mini cucumbers it is extremely important to maintain a good climate in the greenhouse. This is vital for a constant and uninterrupted development of the plant and production of fruit. The plant of a mini cucumber is rather small which gives increased risks of insufficient plantmass during hot and dry weather. It is necessary to maintain a optimal climate with a relative humidity of over 80%. In such conditions shading of the roof or roof sprinklers will help. Development of the plant will slow down in case of an adverse climate in the glasshouse; too hot or too cold.

EL TORO F1 Hybrid Cucumber


El Toro F1 is a long green 'Dutch type' cucumber, almost without ribs and with very short neck. Fruit size Ca. 30-32 Cm with a fruit weight of 400 gram. El Toro F1 has an attractive dark green and slightly shiny skin, without prickles.

El Toro F1 is a fast growing cucumber with an early production. El Toro F1 is very suitable to plant as a second crop or to replant twice to get an even higher yield per season. The first fruit low on a plant should be removed when very small so that the plant can develop first before bearing fruit.

El Toro F1 produces a vigorous plant, which is also tolerant for Gummosis, a problem that occurs when temperatures are lower than desired for cucumbers. This makes El Toro F1 suitable for growing in the summer in tunnels or under plastic without heating. El Toro F1 is also tolerant for leaf spot. Planting distance is 40 centimeters.