Professional Seeds

What is the difference between professional and "regular" seeds?

A hybrid breed is created by combining inbreeding and crossbreeding. By inbreeding of parental lines, desired racial characteristics are recorded in homogeneous genetic material. Then two parental lines are crossed. In the offspring (F 1 hybrid) the positive properties of the two parent plants are combined and - enhanced - by the so-called heterosis effect. This produces a crop (F-1 hybrid) with a high yield and high uniformity.

The requirements for taste, uniformity, output per m2, shape, color, and not to mention disease resistance of (professional) growers are constantly changing and are becoming stricter each day. With our 120 years of experience in selecting and crossing of parental lines and the close contact with professional growers, we are able to continuously develop varieties that best meet the demands of (professional) growers and consumers. To learn more about our history please vistit the About Us page.

As an example, our hybrid tomato seeds produce plants that are more generative instead of vegetative are in their development. That means less leaves and more tomatoes. This saves you time by removing unwanted leaves, so your fingers stay cleaner and enjoy more of your garden with the added bonus of less botrytis in your crop!

Have a look at all our varieties and see the benefit of professional seeds yourself! We are confinced that you will be satisfied with the results.