About VDB Pro Seeds

Van den Berg Seeds is a family driven and product quality oriented company. The seeds culture which was established back in 1886 is still part of todays business goals

Our Products

We assist growers with vegetable seeds including advice to:

Grow high quality fresh market vegetables
Create high yields
Reduce labour costs

Our tomato hybrids for example, produce plants that are more generative instead of vegetative in its development. That means fewer leaves and more tomatoes. You will save with most of the task of removing unwanted leaves, keeping your fingers cleaner and enjoying gardening more, with an extra bonus of less botrytis in your crop!

Our Service

We have a team of experts for advice on deciding about the best seed varieties in your special situation. Also for growing instructions and for all possible information that our experts can give about vegetable growing in general and in particular about the production of tomato, cucumber, peppers, aubergines/eggplant and melon you can contact our team of experts. This is service is unique and absolutely free of charge for growers large and small and no strings attached. Please mail details of your questions, using the application form in this website.

Our Focus

At present the development of special new hybrids, multi disease resistant, suitable for the production of BIO/ORGANIC crops, is top priority in the VDB team of breeders.

Our Customers

Our customers can be found throughout the world, always looking for the best vegetable seeds for professional and semi-professional usage. Our seeds are known for its trustworthy production, disease tolerances and healthy yield. Moreover, Van den Berg – ProSeeds delivers exactly what you have ordered, in time and meeting with your quality expectations.

Our Responsibility

Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative. Our seeds are obtained through classical breeding methods, without using genetic engineering techniques that lead to genetically modified organisms. Please also read our non-gmo statement.