Van Den Berg Seeds is the proud owner of the prestigious trademarks "VINERIPE" and "LONGLIFE" for its distinct and full range of professional hybrid tomatoes.
Ranging from the very small cherry tomato PERLA ROSA F1, with fruits of 10 grams to the very large beeftomato BERCAMPO F1 with fruits up to 350 grams.
Please enjoy our finest quality tomato seeds and take the time to read their descriptions to make your choice.
Our tomato hybrids produce – contrary to most other tomato sorts – plants that are more generative instead of vegetative in its development. That means fewer leaves and more tomatoes. You will save with VANDOS F1 and ZAROTEN F1 most of the task of removing unwanted leaves, keeping your fingers cleaner and enjoying gardening more, with an extra bonus of less botrytis in your crop.