LA MANGA F1 Hybrid Sweet Pepper

LA MANGA F1 Hybrid Sweet Pepper


La Manga F1 produces very nicely shaped uniform blocky sweet pepper fruit of approximately 8 x 12 centimeters that turns fully attractive red when mature.

Red sweet pepper with mostly four lobes, blocky almost square, and with medium thick walls. The fruit is medium green at first and matures in attractive red. Rather early maturing and strong growing indeterminate plant with good foliage that protects the fruit. Suitable for growing in the open field, in tunnels and under glass.

Water to be given in the morning to avoid the plants stay wet during the night at colder temperatures, which enables attack of diseases. Diseases can be kept under control with very little quantities of preventive treatments of products recommended by local advisory services. Good tolerance for diseases, like some tolerance for PVY and “stip”.

Sow in good humid soil mixture or substrate at a temperature of 22-24 degrees Celsius day and night until the plantlets are up. No watering during the germination as that will give a sudden temperature shock. Cover the seedbed with plastic, put a newspaper on top and keep away from sunlight to prevent drying out. After germination the temperature can be lowered to minimum 18 degrees Celsius at night and minimum 20 degrees Celsius by day. Gradually reduce temperatures until planting out when appropriate at minimum 14 degrees by night and 18 at day. Avoid temperatures below 12 degrees or above 30 at all times. Sweet pepper needs well-worked soil with Ph of 7 at all times. Please check level of necessary additional fertilizer every 10 days to maintain correct soil. Planting at distance of 45 cm

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