BERGPASS F1 Hybrid Improved Galia Melon

BERGPASS F1 Hybrid Improved Galia Melon


The BERGPAS F1 has outstanding flavour with sugar contents of 15% when yellow. The melon BERGPAS F1 Is the earliest GALIA type melon on the market and matures a week or ten days before common early Galia Types.

The plants are strong and productive with an average fruit weight of 3 pounds, depending on the number of fruits on a plant at one time.

The fruit, picked when starting to turn colour, has a better than average keeping quality, which makes prolonged transport, and export possible.

For best quality fruit the melon plants should grow fast and therefore should never be short of water or feeding.

Melons require a minimum soil temperature of 20 degrees C. Too early sowing in the field in spring, when it is still too cold could produce uneven plants and later an uneven crop of melons.

Some Tolerance for Fusarium and MILDEW The strong plant has a very good field resistance to common melon disease problems.

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