HAON F1 Hybrid Improved Ogen Melon

HAON F1 Hybrid Improved Ogen Melon


The F1 hybrid melon, a cross between Charentais and Ogen, with great flavours like Charentais but with much longer shelf life than Charentais and extra improved tolerance for mildew. Green, dark green, cream striped skin, delicious, easy to grow and high production.

The outstanding eating quality of HAON F1, enhanced by a very high sugar content of up to 15 degrees, is at its best just before the attractive slight ribbed and striped skin of the melons turns into a nice grey and green gold.

The uniform firm and slightly oval-round fruit has much better texture of skin than Charentais which makes HAON F1 a much better keeper and also more suitable for other than local markets and for prolonged transport.

For best quality fruit the melon plants should grow fast and therefore should never be short of water or feeding.

Melons require a minimum soil temperature of 20 degrees C. Too early sowing in the field in spring, when it is still too cold could produce uneven plants and later an uneven crop of melons.

Improved tolerance for Cladosporium and Mildew.

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