BOMBERO F1 Hybrid Tomato

BOMBERO F1 Hybrid Tomato


The nearly round LONGLIFE ® fruits of BOMBERO F1 are of very high quality, uniform and with outstanding colour and flavour. 140-180 gram tomatoes.

The BOMBERO F1 is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and also tolerant for Fusarium 1 and 2 and Verticillium

The fruits of BOMBERO F1 are very uniform and nearly round with an average fruit weight between 140 and 180 gram.

The colour of the fruit is darker green before ripening to a deep red with a slightly shiny skin, without blotch or gold specks. BOMBERO is almost without greenback when mature.

The growth of the plant of BOMBERO F1 is, compared with ordinary tomato varieties a lot more generative then vegative, which is a must for high yields of fruit but needs attention to avoid that the plant is overloaded with fruit. The trusses must be trimmed to 4 or 5 fruits from the first truss.

Because of less leaves, there is less deleafing, which means less work and also less contamination because there is less damage to the plant.

The trusses must be trimmed to 4 or 5 fruits from the first truss to avoid that the plant is overloaded with fruit and for regular and continuing fruit production.

Do not remove any leaves from the BOMBERO plant unless the leaves are touching the ground or are in the way. The heavy fruit bearing plant needs all the leaves it produces.

Make sure the BOMBERO plant is never short of water and fertilizer sometimes it needs extra Nitrogen. On very bright days the development of the BOMBERO plant is very fast and then it will need also more water and feeding than other tomatoes on such days.

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