GLOBAL F1 Hybrid Beef Tomato

GLOBAL F1 Hybrid Beef Tomato


The average Fruit Weight of GLOBAL F1 is the highest of all our indeterminate beef tomatoes (120-180 grams). The fruits are very attractively shaped with a tiny blossom end, very uniform in shape and size.

Non greenback type and almost without goldspeck and blotch.

Very strong plants, tolerant for TMV, Verticillium and Fusarium 1 and 2. Also the field tolerance for Botrytis, Cladosporium, Corky root and Fusarium Radicis is better than of most other tomato varieties.

Further saving of energy and labour with lower (night) temperatures, less plant maintenance because of less leaf trimming and less grading.

Unsurpassed quality fruit for shelf life and prolonged transport. The plants of GLOBAL F1 are also more tolerant for higher temperatures, provided the relative humidity is high enough.


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