BERCAMPO F1 Hybrid Beef Tomato

BERCAMPO F1 Hybrid Beef Tomato


BERCAMPO F1 produces the largest fruits of all the LONGLIFE ® tomato varieties. The fruits of this true beef tomato are between 180 and 350 grams each, depending on the growing conditions.

BERCAMPO F1 produces tomatoes almost without greenback and the colour, when green or deep red, is without discoloration.

The LONGLIFE ® and VINERIPE ® fruit of the BERCAMPO beef tomatoes is outstanding for taste and even when picked ripe and red it can still be kept longer than ordinary tomatoes.

BERGCAMPO is a self-topping plant, with short internodes, ideal for planting in low houses, tunnels or in the open and also for planting indoors in large containers, pots or buckets. It is not a very large plant and can be replanted once and even twice which will result in a very high total production per m2. For instance, 34 plants per m2, each plant with 2 to 4 main branches, each branch with 1 or 2 trusses, each truss 2 or 3 very large fruits.

For uniform large fruits, trim the trusses to 2 or 3 fruits.

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