VANDOS F1 Hybrid Truss Tomato

VANDOS F1 Hybrid Truss Tomato


The fruit quality of the VANDOS F1 hybrid is obvious from a distance: trusses and tomatoes are medium/large, 90-120 gram, round, very uniform with full red colour, shiny skin and finally without hairline cracks, gold specks or blotch. The outstanding flavour is remarkable and the firm fruit is never watery or mealy.

VANDOS F1 produces very uniform, medium to large and round fruits with a shiny skin.
Many professional growers confirm this truss tomato delivers high production, unsurpassed fruit quality, outstanding flavour, uniformity without rival and – strong plants which are not too bushy, less labour required for maintenance & fruit grading

The unsurpassed uniformity of VANDOS tomatoes is important for labour saving when harvesting, grading and packing. The strong generative growth of VANDOS is the cause of the extremely high production.

All trusses must be trimmed to 5 fruits, starting with the first truss. No leaf trimming unless absolutely necessary when leaves are a nuisance or touching the ground. Make sure that VANDOS is never short of water! When a lot of water is being used on hot and bright days, the Electrical Conductivity of the water must be lowered (which means a reduction of the fertilizer).

The night temperatures and day temperatures in dull weather MUST be lower than with other tomato sorts. This results in an important saving of fuel.

It takes 4 weeks from sowing till planting. The planting distance is 33 x 100 cm. It takes 10 weeks from planting till first picking, depending on growing conditions.

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