GUINDILLA F1 Hybrid Mini Tomato

GUINDILLA F1 Hybrid Mini Tomato


GUINDILLA F1 is a lovely little truss tomato with about 20 fruits each about 20-25 grams. VINERIPE® and LONGLIFE® red and ripe for picking, and still a good storability.

GUINDILLA F1 makes long uniform trusses with about 20 little round tomatoes of about 25 grams each. “Guindilla” is a Spanish expression for: “Sweet Little One”. High yields of superb tasting little fruits.

For the best looking and evenly maturing long trusses it is recommended to remove the 2 fruits at the end of a truss when still very small.This allows slightly earlier harvest and even better uniformity,

For LONG LIFE ® tomatoes and certainly for mini tomato is a carefull treatment at harvest and packing necessary. Bruises and minor damage will be visible later and spoil the high quality. If the temperature of the tomatoes is higher, a bruise is even worse.

Keep tomatoes in a ventilated room at about 13 degrees Celsius.

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