PERLA ROSA F1 Hybrid Mini Tomato

PERLA ROSA F1 Hybrid Mini Tomato


The PERLA ROSA F1 hybrid is a mini tomato variety, which has undisputed superior flavour. The plants are vigorous and have a good disease tolerance.

PERLA ROSA F1 produces large trusses composed of many smaller trusses, which could be harvested separately.

The production capacity is very good and depends of course on how much labour is invested: the small fruits and very large trusses require constant attention.

The fruits are about 10 gram each and are of LONGLIFE ® type, which is a must for cherry tomatoes to reduce the risk of over-ripe fruits that could get mixed in.

Like all our LONGLIFE ® tomatoes PERLA ROSA must be grown cool when the light conditions are poor.

In bright weather the plants can stand a very high temperature, provided the humidity is high. In these circumstances the plant development will be rapid which requires extra attention for water and feeding.

When planted in soil instead of Rockwool, results are even better still.

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