RONEMO F1 Hybrid Tomato

RONEMO F1 Hybrid Tomato


The shiny fruit of RONEMO F1 is round, medium large, non-greenback and turning to a very attractive deep red, almost without blotch or gold specs when mature. VINERIPE ®

Ronemo keeps its outstanding quality after harvest to satisfy the most demanding and remote customer: LONGLIFE ®.

The F1 Hybrid tomato RONEMO F1 is a valuable addition to our range of high quality tomatoes with 100-140 grams fruits.

The plants of RONEMO F1 are strong but not too bushy; growth is more generative than vegative, which is a must for high yield and saving labour: less leaf trimming, less wounds, less plant maintenance and less costs of grading becuse of very uniform fruit.

RONEMO F1 is not only tolerant for TMV; Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Fusarium 1 and 2 and Verticillium but also tolerant for NEMATODES.

Make sure the plant is never short of water and the relative humidity is always high but never over 80% to avoid Botrytis. Apply lower than usual temperatures at night and in dull weather. With sunshine the temperatures can be higher then usual but not over 30 degrees Celsius.

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